Check if Your Website In Google Sandbox


The sandbox effect is an unofficial term for the quarantine period that Google and other major search engines implement on new websites before indexing the sites and including them in search results. The purpose of the sandbox is to protect search engine users from worthless or harmful websites. For security reasons, the search engines do not reveal much information about their sandbox policies. The only reliable way to tell if your site is sand boxed is to carry out a site search with a specific command. If Google and the other major search engines haven’t indexed your site within a few weeks of the site’s launch, it might be sand boxed.


Instructions :
Type : “site:your site url”
For Example :
Press the “Enter” key on your computer keyboard to launch the search. If Google displays pages from the website in its search results, it means Google has indexed the site and it is not sandboxed. If Google returns nil results for your site, it might be sandboxed.

Enter the Web address for your site into the Google search input field again, but this time omit the “www” portion of the address. For example, type “” into the search input box. This is necessary because search engines sometimes index sites using only the top-level domain name. Press “Enter” on your computer keyboard and check the search results. Again, if Google returns nil results for your site, it might be sandboxed.

Repeat these steps for each of the main search engines that you want to check. The main search engines, including Bing and Yahoo!, use the site search command.

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