How to do SEO for website Step by Step?

How to do SEO for website Step by Step?


You have an online business, but it does not attract much audience and visitors? You have built your site, but the search engines are unable to rank or discover the website. The best thing you have to do is try the SEO. It is a long term process but provides efficient results. The first step after launching the website is to use the process of SEO. This will help to rank the website by generating sales and bringing in real traffic, sales and leads.

If the website is well optimized, then it will save much of your time and effort. So start with the step by step guide for SEO to attract traffic.

Step by Step SEO guide

Before following the step by step guide remember that your site needs to be well structured. The structure of the website affects the target keywords allowing the visitors to target each page separately. To get the optimal results make sure to follow the step by step guide.

Step 1


High quality and plagiarism free content is the main aspect of SEO. The site achieves top rankings if it owns better pictures or rich content embedded with the content. Make sure that the content you write must be user-friendly and targets the audience.

Step 2

Use of keywords

The search engines have got smarter these years. They only search the well-optimized content embedded with important keywords. So while writing the content just search the popular keywords from online tools and use them efficiently in your content. The keywords need to be strategically present in the content. This will boost the ranking of your website.


Step 3

Title tags

Title tag of articles is important just like the headlines of newspaper. The popular keyword which is integrated into the content must be used in the title tag. Every page must have properly organized heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 or so on.

Meta description

Meta description is the lines which appear on the search page under the link. Make sure that the Meta description must be precise. It needs to deliver the proper information which the visitor is searching. You can Google some of the related sites to check the good and well written Meta description.

Alt tags

Alt tags are used with the rich content such as images, files, and videos. The popular researched keywords must be used in the Alt tags. This will help the searchers to reach out your website via rich content.

Step 4


This is an off page SEO element which helps to build up your site. Back linking from the famous or optimal site is very much important. However, quality of links does matter. It will help you to reach the right sources and will offer significant traffic to you in return. Using the anchor text properly will also help to develop backlinks for a website.

Step 5


If you are using Word Press Site, then you will automatically be able to use readability plugin. Make sure that the content you write must have good readability at least above 70%. You can use online tools to check the readability of your content.

So follow the step by step guide and increase the rank on the various search engines. These steps must need to be followed in an efficient way to provide useful results.

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