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10 Tips on Writing The Perfect Blog Post

Do you have content that you want to tell people but are in doubt about how to divert traffic? Creating the best blog is not just about posting good content, but involves many other factors. The way your post is formatted is also a factor that affects attracting readers to your blog.

A well formatted blog post helps engage your readers. Here are 10 ways to make the blog post into a perfect one.

1. Choose a good title

Choosing a good catchy title is an open secret to a hit post. Keep the blog post title direct and at the same time enticing too. You have to pick one heading which matches the keywords the reader searches for. This way you can get a good ranking in the search engines and a lot of followers too.

2. Keep the subject of your blog post clear

A good blog post is the one that gives a hint to the readers when they start reading just a few lines of the post. A blog post is not like a long story book, it does not have to be read completely to understand what they are reading. Readers have short attention span so keep in mind that your post has an introductory paragraph which gives an idea of what the next paragraph is going to be about.

3. Listing

Providing a list is the best formatting or organizing tip to a blog post. Use numbers and bullet points. The readers love them as they can get a quick idea or glimpse of the content and this way they also read the entire post. Provide titles like “ top ten tips” etc. which interests the readers and makes your posts well organized also providing the readers a clear picture of the post’s keywords.

4. Provide links

A good post constitutes content which attracts people from other blogs and they want to link to your post. For receiving good attention to your blog post “how to” articles or articles like “top 10..” . A good blog post also has good number of links on the body of the post. This way you get your work noticed by other bloggers and they shall return a link to you and it also creates a feeling in the reader’s mind that you have researched enough.

5. Keep your post attractive

When you make your post attractive you will be successful in attracting the readers and keep them happy. Before you post content on your blog read it several times also highlight the keywords, edit the content by removing unnecessary lines and shorten the post. Keep your post pretty and attractive which makes it perfect.

6. Multimedia inclusion

Add images and videos in your post even though the content you post is good enough. It plays a good role in attracting readers.

7. Be concise

Make a perfect blog post by being concise and sticking to the topic. Stick to the subject of your post and write only about it instead of wandering off the topic and including other subjects that might confuse the reader.

8. Include keywords

Keywords in a blog post are the key to successful blog post. Search in Google for the most popular keywords and write posts including those keywords. Include the keywords in the title and body of the article.

9. Length of the post

You have to keep the length of the post apt. No fixed rule applies for the number of words in a post but your reader might grow bored of the long articles. Keep your post below 1000 words.

10. Keep content original

Write original content and do not just copy from other posts.

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