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Building blog farms for SEO

You must’ve heard about the large number of blog farms coming up. Many SEO webmasters have tens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of blogs which they use mainly for SEO purposes. These networks of blogs are known as blog farms. The reason why I called them a network of blogs is because they all work like a network. To keep things short, a blog farm works something like this:

Let us suppose you are a Search Engine Optimizer. You have various clients with websites that you need to build some links for to get some link juice and to make them rank on search engines. If you own a blog farm, things become extremely easy. It goes something like this:

You purchase 20 domains (maybe new/old, with/without PR etc.)
Host all of these on Multiple C Class IPs else your blogs wouldn’t rank in Search Engines
Build some links for these 20 blogs for a couple of months till they get a decent amount of PR and trust rank. In this while you also post unique content twice a week on each blog
After 2 months, your blogs will be ranking in Search Engines well enough and each will have a decent PR. Now you interlink your blog to give them 19 more quality backlinks each – this would suddenly boost the search engine rankings of all blogs together
Now at the end of this, you have 20 blogs all with nice PR and trust rank.
With this blog farm, as an SEO professional, you can use it to your advantage to make your job so much easier. Every time a client’s website comes in for SEO, you just post a few links across all your blogs and your job is done since anchor text would not be a problem (because you own each blog). 20 high PR backlinks with high PR could shoot the rankings of the website to the first position for semi-popular keywords.

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