Keyword Research

Keywords in Your Body Text

Now we need to take a look at where those keywords need to be placed in the text content of your pages.

Primary Keyword Placement

Our main concern here is strategic placement. It’s not about stuffing as many keywords into the text as possible! Most people who do this wind up with text that is entirely unreadable to the visitor and poor ranking from Google for the page.

Your primary keyword should appear at the beginning of the first sentence in the body text. If you can’t properly place it into the beginning of the first sentence, make sure it’s in the first sentence somewhere.

Use it once again in the middle paragraph of your text, and then again in the last sentence of the text, preferably in the final sentence of the last paragraph.

Secondary Keyword Placement

These are keywords you have chosen from your list which relate closely to the primary keyword, but they tend to be 2 to 4 words in length. Some call these “long tail” keywords. They need to be added to the text body wherever it feels appropriate to use them to illustrate points or show a different ‘read’ on some point in your text content. In this way they serve to support the primary keyword.

Forget about keyword density please!

It’s more important that you place these keywords in a readable manner so they help develop the text topic, rather than worry about keyword density. If you were trying to optimize a page for a keyword in a highly competitive niche market, I might say something different regarding this. For most of us, Google cares more that you are concentrating on building web pages for people rather than splitting hairs over a half a page rank point by ‘tweaking’ the keyword density on a web page.

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