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What is a C Class IP?

What is a C Class IP?

Multiple class C IP Hosting is a new type of web hosting service that allows webmasters to host their websites and domains on IPs from different C Classes. Multiple class C IP Hosting which is also known as SEO Hosting is the newest gig in the Search Engine Optimization industry. Before we try and leard what exactly Multiple class C IP Hosting and how it can help us in ranking our websites on Search Engines, we need to understand what a C Class IP is.

Firstly, an IP address is nothing but a numeric address for your computer. Just like you have a postal address for your home, computers have IP addresses, the difference being IP addresses are numeric (for example:

I.P is the short form of Internet Protocol

The format of an IP address looks something like this: A.B.C.D

A regular IP comprises 4 different classes: the A class, the B class, the C class, the D class just as seen in the format of the IP address: A.B.C.D

Let us take an example to help us understand better. We’ll take the IP address:

Here, the A class of the IP address is 202
the B class of the IP address is 212
the C class of the IP address is 240
the D class of the IP address is 2

The C Class of the IP address is 240 as explained in the above few lines.
The IP addresses and belong to the same C Class.

The IP addresses and belong to different C Classes. Multiple Class C IP Hosting providers offer a service where a number of IPs are alloted to your account, each of which belongs to a seperate C Class.There are 2 ways you can get IPs from multiple C classes for hosting your domain names:

  1. Purchase single accounts from different web hosting providers across the globe, they’d have different servers in different datacenters and hence definitely IPs from different C Classes. This becomes extremely complicated and difficult to manage since suppose you purchase accounts for 50 different hosts, you would have to record the control panel login details for each host, record the billing system login detais for each host, keep a track of invoices payable and pay each invoice from each host individually. This becomes too much of a hassle and difficult to manage too.
  2. The second option you have for getting IPs from multiple C Classes is just signing up for an account from a Multiple Class C IP Hosting provider. This adds ease and flexibility in the management of your domain names by giving you the power to manage all the domain names from just one single control panel. Multiple Class C IP hosting providers turn out to be cheaper than purchasing accounts for single domains from multiple web hosts, as discussed in “option 1″. If you’re serious about boosting your rankings in search engines ranking pages, get yourself an account at a reliable Multiple Class C IP hosting provider. It would be the smartest thing to do
What is a C Class IP

What is Multiple class C IP hosting?

Multiple Class C IP Hosting, just as the name suggests, is a service provided by Multiple Class C IP Hosting providers to webmasters enabling them to host their domains on IPs spread across Multiple Class C of IPs.  Multiple Class C IP Hosting is suitable for webmasters and seo companies who own blog farms or networks of websites. It enables the webmasters/seo companies to have greater control over their domain names since it allows them complete control of all their domain names hosted across ips from multiple class c blocks of ips from just one single control panel. Hence, webmasters can now manage all their domains from one single control panel and yet have them hosted across ips from different c classes.  Multiple C Class IP Hosting allows total control of the entire blog farm or website network to the website owner making it very easy and manageable.

The otherwise complicated task is made extremely easy and manageable with Multiple Class C IP Hosting. Had there been no Multiple Class C IP Hosting service providers available, webmasters and seo companies would have to host their domains and websites on the servers of different web hosts across the world. This becomes extremely confusing and difficult since there are tens and hundreds of domains to manage, each with a different control panel. Keeping a record of the login details of the control panels for each domain becomes very difficult and hence Multiple Class C IP Hosting is a boon to webmasters and seo companies since it cuts down a great amount of effort and complication in their work.

So that was a little introduction to Multiple Class C IP Hosting. We’ll be discussing the indepth details of multiple class c ip hosting in over the coming few weeks. I’ll keep posting new posts adding some information about multiple class c ip hosting.

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