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What Is A Link Farm?

What Is A Link Farm?

Most of the search engines OR we can say all of the search engines define their search engine algorithm based on link popularity -further defined as how many links your website is getting from another relevant websites. Search engines are looking at the quality and relevance of links from ranked pages that point to your website as opposed to just the number of inbound links. A high quality link comes from a website that has a high page rank, although any site with a Google PageRank of 0/10 or above is considered beneficial. Usually, a link farm site will NOT meet this criteria.

So most of the SEO workers and link builders are trying to achieve more and more links towards their website and here comes a LINK FARM into the picture. Link farm is a group of web pages containing a large list of links to different websites without groupings, categories to the website.

The idea behind link farming is to increase the number of sites that link to yours because search engines such as Google rank sites according to, among other things, the quality and quantity of sites that link to yours. Link farms are built for the sole purpose of artificially increasing the number of incoming links to a website to increase that site’s index ranking in the search engines. An illicit link farm is a form of search engine spam and is used to trick search engines into giving a website a higher ranking (because of the inbound link from the link farm) for a particular keyword than the website merits on its own. These types of sites are penalized by all of the search engines and carry no PageRank or weight. Adding a link to your website on a link farm can cause your site to be penalized by the search engines as well.

Thus, you must ensure a proper site which resembles a link farm but it is filled up with good page rank and at that time you should not get linked to it. Whenever you find your website ensure that it does not get linked to a bad neighborhood just like the treatment to your children. Either go for a quality directory submissions or check out these link building ideaswhich really work out!

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